Snatch Getting 4K Release on June 1st

Snatch Movie

Originally released in 2000, Snatch is finally getting a 4K release on June 1st. Snatch features a star-studded cast and follows the story of a diamond heist a rigged boxing match both going horribly wrong. The film has become a cult favorite over the years so it isn’t surprising to see a 4K release. For those interested, Amazon has opened pre-orders for the film for $30.99. It isn’t clear where the digital copy will redeem, but since it is a Sony Pictures release it’ll very likely be Vudu or MoviesAnywhere.


  • A fully remastered 4K HDR presentation
  • Both US and International audio tracks as newly-mixed Atmos, for ultimate fan experience
  • Blu-ray showcases archival commentary, deleted scenes and featurettes as special features

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