Vudu is now available for Fire TV

Vudu & Amazon Fire TV
The official Vudu app is now available for Fire TV.

After much anticipation, the official Vudu app is now available for the Amazon Fire TV. Those of you who had previously used sideload workarounds can rejoice. The official app is available for free through

At this time, there are some reports of features not being available but will hopefully be added over time. In addition, there have been some reported issues with Fire devices not being supported at all, while others are only showing SD video.

Regardless of the above, it is a positive to see Vudu move onto new platforms. It seems that any potential bad blood between Walmart and Amazon went away with the sale of Vudu to Fandango. Hopefully going forward, we see continued growth for the platform as the supported device list grows.

If you are an Amazon user and new to Vudu, Vudu offers over 150,000 shows and movies at the click of a button. To see more of what Vudu has to offer check out their About Us page.

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